Worksite Wellness Consultant

I can provide guidance and direction with the planning process for a worksite wellness program or assist with any of the components of the process. By providing impactful and creative wellness programs, I earned the American Heart Association Worksite Wellness Award for a Fortune 500 company. I can help you secure support from your leadership team.

  • Identifying the Need for Worksite Wellness Programs
  • Benefits of Worksite Wellness Programs
  • Establishing a Wellness Committee
  • Assessing Employee Needs and Interests
  • Designing a Wellness Program - Develop a Mission Statement, Set Realistic Goals and Objectives
  • Develop a Wellness Program Timeline and Wellness Budget
  • Selecting Wellness Program Incentives
  • Acquiring Support for the Wellness Program
  • Marketing the Wellness Program
  • Implementing the Wellness Program
  • Evaluating the Success of the Wellness Program
  • Group Exercise Program Design
  • Assist with External Program Staffing and Training

Personal Fitness Coach

With over twenty years of experience, I have learned that not all people are the same. That is why I take great care in creating a program that is specific to your abilities, needs and goals. We will take a realistic approach to get the results you desire so that you can lead a more productive and healthy life.

  • Discuss and identify your needs and plan the workout routine accordingly.
  • Demonstrate the exercises and ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly.
  • Explain the effects of particular exercises to the client.
  • Motivate you to achieve the set fitness goals.
  • Ensure that the designed workout routine is followed properly.
  • Design a rehabilitation program in case you suffer from some injury.
  • Provide nutrition and fitness tips so that you can enhance your workout program.
  • Monitor and adjust program as needed.
  • Private yoga instruction.


Group Exercise Classes

I believe that exercise should be fun! My classes are appropriate for all levels so that each student leaves feeling successful.

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Exercise for Seniors
  • Balance and Core Training

Resume will be sent upon request.

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